Balance to succeed 

The right balance between work life and home life

In today's ultra-connected world, our customers play a central role and rely on us to tackle complex technical challenges - ensuring all our systems perform seamlessly at every decisive moment. Our employees are the human intelligence that powers these solutions and solves the difficult challenges. We want to ensure their continued professional development and this depends on striking the right work-life balance.
Thales helps you get the balance right by providing inter-company childcare facilities*, parental leave*, cultural and social activities*, flexible work hours*, remote working when and where possible, and more.

*In accordance with the laws and practices of each country.
Equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for the individual lie at the heart of the Group’s corporate responsibility policy. 

​​​​​​​At Thales, diversity and inclusion are sources of creativity and innovation.

At Thales, your skills and engagement are the only things that count.

Technology for society

We master technology in the service of society. 

Rich career journeys

We open up career journeys expanding our collective expertise.