How to apply? 

These are the main steps:

Find the right job 
Thales offers a huge variety of career opportunities globally. Take the time to search for jobs in yoru desired field or location.
Once you’ve found a role of interest, apply online using your CV or social profile.
Review by a recruiter
One of our recruiters will assess your application based on your CV and profile and the requirements of the role. They may also refer you for other positions that could be suitable for your background.
You’ll be invited for a formal interview with the recruiter and/or Hiring Manager. This may be a multi-stage process depending on the nature of the role.
Following a successful interview process, you’ll receive a formal job offer from us. This will include all the key information about benefits, start dates and the onboarding process.
During your first few weeks with us, you can expect to go through a detailed onboarding program. It will help you learn more about the organization, get connected with your team and co-workers, learn more about your role and ultimately, set you up for success!

If you didn't find what you were looking for today,  join our Talent community or upload your CV so our team can contact you! 

Join our Talent Community

Didn't find the perfect job for you today? Don't go anywhere before signing up to our Talent community! We will notify you of any new jobs that may be of interest to you. You can also upload your CV so our recruiters can get in touch with you. 

Meet our recruiters

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 Should I apply even if I don’t like the job ad? 

"You never know what can happen. We have a lot of learning programmes, so you can switch careers over time."

Talent Acquisition 
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What should I avoid?
"We need to keep an approach based on dialogue and discussion with the recruiter so that things run smoothly.”

Talent Acquisition 
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What's the perfect interview?
"It has to be a two way communication rather than one side.”

Talent Acquisition 
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Will I nail my next interview?
“Keep trying. Keep interviewing.
Keep approaching Thales for interviews.”

Talent Acquisition 
Germany & Switzerland
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How do I prepare for a junior engineer interview?
“One of the things we really pride ourselves on is creating a barrier free and inclusive recruitment process.”

Talent Acquisition 
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What's the perfect interview? 
“Having positive dialogue, being yourself and being honest with the experience you have.”

Talent Acquisition 
North America